Idaho State Tax Extension Forms 2015

E File Your Idaho Personal and Business Tax Extension Forms

When you know that you will not be able to file your returns before the due date, then you should go for the tax extension 2014. In case when you are not able to file your tax before the deadline, then Idaho allows you the extra six months extension to file your returns. If you want to avoid the penalties then the amount of tax withheld must be at least 80% of your current year’s tax liability.

Each tax payer wants his/her filing to be done before the 15th April. But it can happen that you cannot file your tax on time and then penalties and interest charges will be apply on your tax amount.

Individual Income Tax Extension for Idaho State

Will not be able to file your income tax on time? You can get the six extra month’s time to file your returns. Plus if the conditions are met on the form then you will also be given extra 2 months in case when you are abroad.

You should better pay your outstanding tax amount before the deadline which is 18th April to avoid the penalties on your tax. If you get the extension for federal tax, though you will have to pay your tax amount you owe to IRS before the 15th April. Tax Extension 2014 will not increase your time to pay the outstanding amount. You have to pay it before the due date or get ready to pay the charges and penalties.

Idaho gives you Automatic State Tax Extension

  • Have you file for the federal tax extension?
  • Is your application to the extension is approved by the IRS?
  • Do you have 0$ outstanding amount of tax?

If all the answers of above questions are yes then you need not have to do anything for getting your Idaho state tax extension. Idaho will automatically give you 6 months Tax extension 2013 for filing your returns.

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