Illinois State Tax Extension

Illinois State Tax Extension Forms 2014 – 2015

E FIle Your Illinois Personal and Business Tax Extension Forms

If you people know you cannot prepare your tax return 2014 by the due date, you should file extension form 4868A, request for Illinois state tax extension of Time to File Illinois Income taxes.

Apart from in cases where taxpayers are out of the country, no extension will be approved for more than six months. An extension, if approved, will be for a period of 4 months. Only in special cases, and where conditions set forth on application forms are met, will a second extension for an additional 2 months be granted. Applications for extension must be on prescribed forms, and submitted in time for consideration by the Illinois Department of Revenue before the due date of the return.

Individual Income Tax Extension for Illinois State

IRS tax extensions offer you extra time for prepare your 2015 state taxes. You should file your Illinois state tax returns on time, even though you cannot do the full payment. If you completed your tax filing and cannot pay in full, then there is no necessitating applying for for an extension. You can pay the tax dues as much as you can and the IRS will offer a bill for the amount paid or notice for balance amount. You can also give an application online for the agreement on payment. You can discuss the options for payment through phone, if you are not able to make payments.

Illinois gives you Automatic State Tax Extension

Here are reasons why you should e-file your Illinois state tax extension 2015 – 2014:

1. Prepare online your Illinois state Tax Extension Is Paper-Free

  • Save a tree and save yourself the harass of filling out paper tax forms on our web site convenient e-filing system. No extra documents to deal with ― just a simple electronic form.

2. Online filing is the Only Way to Get IRS verification That Your Tax Extension Has Been Approved

  • Our online system will keep track of your online state tax extension request and notify you when it has been approved by the IRS. On the other hand, if you prepare a paper tax extension request (Form 4868 for individuals or Form 7004 for businesses), there’s no way of knowing whether your extension has been approved or not.

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