Massachusetts State Tax Extension Forms 2015

Massachusetts State Tax Extension 2015 – 2014

There are several different IRS Forms that can be filed and each one is very different. The Three main IRS Forms required for Massachusetts State Tax Extensions are

  • Form 7004
  • Form 4868
  • Form 8868

For Businesses tax extension files a Form 7004 in March to apply for a five to six month Extension.

For Individuals file a Form 4868 in April for an automatic six month tax extension.

For Non Profit associations use the Form 8868 to get a three month tax extension.

Individual Income Tax Extension Froms Massachusetts

All of these forms can be filed online with the IRS from the ease of your own home or office. One of the greatest online providers of this is We can easily and rapidly file these forms with the IRS within minutes and the user will get a fast confirmation from the IRS automatically.

Massachusetts gives you Automatic State Tax Extension

You People require more time to prepare your 2014 tax return?

If you can’t complete your federal and state tax return by the April 15 deadline, you can get yourself more time. (The normal 15 April deadline is pushed back this year due to a public holiday weekend.)

Just file an extension to push the deadline back 6 months to October 15, 2015 and avoid IRS late-filing punishment.

Individuals and businesses are not the just ones that can get a tax extension from the IRS. After all, there are other types of organizations that could advantage from preparing a tax extension 2015 – 2014. Non-Profit and Exempt Organizations can also file tax extensions with the IRS by the use of Form 8868. Unlike the process of filing a personal or business tax return, the Form 8868 has 2 separate parts.

The First Part of a Non-Profit Tax Extension is a regular three Month Extension of Time to prepare. But for a Non-Profit Organization files a Form 990-T, the first fraction will only extend the time limit by 3 months. (990-T extends the deadline for six months)

The Part of this form is an extra three month tax extension. This extra extension can only be filed if the association has already been granted the first three month extension.

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