Oregon gives you Automatic State Tax Extension 2015

Oregon State Tax Extension Forms 2014 – 2015

Oregon State Personal Tax Extension

You will be given automatic state tax extension for Oregon if the following two requirements are satisfied.

  • Federal tax extension application is approved.
  • If there are no tax due balance you owe.

If the above two requirements are satisfied then you will be automatically granted 6 months tax extension 2014. There is nothing you have to do about it. But if you have to make state payment and the federal application for extension is not approved then you have to file the form 40-EXT.

Individual Income Tax Extension Froms Oregon

You should also attach the copy of your federal tax extension form 4868 when you file for the Oregon state tax extension 2013 – 2014. If you are given the extra time for filing your returns it will not give you the extra time for payment of the tax due amount. If you pay those charges after the due date then you will be charged penalties and extra charges.

Oregon gives you Automatic State Tax Extension

Tax Extension for Oregon State

Oregon State will allow you the same extension time as federal tax extension time, but somehow in some of the cases you have to file the form 40-EXT.

If you are expected to get the refund for Oregon and if you have file form 4868 then you have to do following things.

  • No need to file form 40-EXT.
  • Keep a copy of federal tax extension.
  • No need to send the copy of federal extension.

If you have not filed federal extension and if you expect returns from Oregon then you should do following things.

  • 40-EXT is the form that you have to file.
  • Keep a copy of federal tax extension.

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