Pennsylvania Tax Extension Online 2013 Forms & PA IRS Extension Forms

Pennsylvania State Tax Extension Forms 2015 – 2014

Pennsylvania State personal Tax Extension

Get the state tax extension for six months Tax Extension 2014 automatically by the Pennsylvania state. In the case where your application for the federal tax extension is approved and there are no tax balance due. In this case you will be granted the automatic state extension.

If there are state payments that you need to pay then you have to file the form REV-276. But if you have received the federal tax extension online approved notification and there is no balance due then there is nothing to do. You will get the automatic extension. Whenever you go to file the state tax return 2013 attach a copy of your federal extension form.

Individual Income Tax Extension Froms Pennsylvania

Tax Extension for State of Pennsylvania

If you need more time to file your returns then you have to file the form REV-276 that is the application for the extension of time to file. Pennsylvania will give you the six months extension. If your application for the IRS extension is approved then there is no need to file for the Pennsylvania state tax. You can file it in the case where you want more time than the IRS tax extension time.

Pennsylvania gives you Automatic State Tax Extension

If you owe anything then you have to pay it before the due date. Otherwise you will be charged the extra charges and penalties. You will be charged 5% of underpayment penalty as well as the interest amount not paid by the original due date.

If you have applied for the federal tax extension 2015 and if it is been approved then you should attach the copy of form 4868 when you file for the Pennsylvania state extension.

Taxpayer will not be allowed more than 6 months time unless and until he/she is staying outside the United States. Remember you should clear all your tax due payments before the due date.

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